$7.49 X
  • Spiral bound, lies flat for easier writing
  • Durable, acid-free paper
  • 88 Pages; holds a decade of memories
  • Handles up to seven players
  • Record up to 18 Memory Cards per year
You'll need a Memory Book to play The Christmas Game. The Official Memory Book is a great choice because it's ready to use, easy to write in, and holds ten years of Christmas Game Memories. Instruction and examples inside. The Memory Book keeps track of each year's questions and all players' answers to each Memory Card played in The Christmas Game. However, The Memory Book is not limited to Memory Cards; you can keep track of all cards played during The Christmas Game, and watch your Christmas Game evolve from year to year. You can also use The Memory Book to keep track of minor records, such as how a particular card was played, or the outcome of a particular game or challenge. The Memory Book's Game Summary and Memories forms are beautiful, flexible, and ready to use.  Read more about The Memory Book.


Type: Book