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The Christian Deluxe Bundle is the normal Christmas Game Deluxe Bundle, plus the Christian Deck.  Includes:

For your best Christmas ever, and our best value: The complete full-color game book, 200 game cards for an abundance of great ideas (Decks 1, 2, 3 & 4), The Christian Deck with 25 cards to help keep Jesus and the Bible at the center of your celebration, and the perfect Memory Book for recording ten years worth of Christmas memories.

About The Christmas Game.  If your family wants more Christmas spirit and less shopping and stress, try The Christmas Game. The Christmas Game makes it easy take control of your holiday and focus it on the values you care about most. The Christmas Game organizes hundreds of activities in nine categories: Kindness, Traditions, Togetherness, Memories, Learning, Projects, Challenges, Games, and Presents. 

Enjoy the presents and food, but help your family spend even more time on the Christmas values you care most about. 

Whether you play for an hour or for a day, The Christmas Game will make your celebration more meaningful, more memorable, and more satisfying. And once you move the focus of your celebration toward kindness, togetherness, and family fun, you are sure to have your best Christmases ever.