Every Christmas Game deck includes nine categories of cards.  Each category has its own purpose.  When you play the Christmas Game, you choose which cards to play and the order in which the cards are played.

You may wish to include cards from all nine categories:

Present Cards.  Present cards incorporate gift-giving into your celebration.  They are used to slow-down the present-opening frenzy, to de-emphasize commercialism, and/or add suspense to the game.

Tradition Cards.  Tradition cards incorporate traditions and rituals that make Christmas a special and unique day.

Togetherness Cards.  Togetherness cards specify activities that bring people closer together or celebrate our connectedness. Togetherness cards make the day emotionally satisfying.

Kindness Cards.  Kindness cards give meaning to the Christmas celebration by focusing on ways to help others, whether it be supporting charities, anonymous good deeds, or random acts of kindness.  Nothing beats Kindness cards to give meaning to the Christmas spirit.

Memory Cards.  Memory cards capture people’s thoughts, preferences, hopes, and ambitions, to preserve them for the future.  Thanks to the Memory Cards, each Christmas becomes its own mini-time capsule.  Looking at the results from prior years’ Memory Cards may become your family’s favorite part of the Christmas Game.

Game Cards.  Game cards keep the celebration fun.  There are many types of games that will appeal to different types of groups, whether adults, kids, or mixed-age.  But the sounds of laughing and playing are vital to any Christmas celebration.

Project Cards.  Project cards focus on opportunities to create.  Project cards help make Christmas edifying, and give participants a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

Challenge Cards.  Challenge cards keep the Christmas Game engaging.  Challenge cards will bring everyone together around difficult group or individual tasks, with suspense and triumph (or learning).  Young people and those with a competitive streak may get very excited about Challenge Cards.

Learning Cards.  Learning cards are an inspiration to grow and remind us to always keep an open mind.  Learning cards balance the Tradition Cards to ensure that the Christmas Game is always familiar but never stale.

The Christmas Game book reviews each card type in turn, with examples of various cards, as well as advice about how to use that card type, and pitfalls to watch out for.