Christmas Trivia - White House Ban

Which President Banned Christmas Trees from the White House?

It is sometimes said that President Teddy Roosevelt banned Christmas trees from the White House for environmental/conservation reasons -- presumably to protect forests from over-harvesting in a non-renewable way.

However, it might be an overstatement to say that Roosevelt banned Christmas trees. There was no Christmas Tree in the White House in 1902, but that was perhaps only because the president did not order one in time for Christmas. It is disputed whether there might have been a Christmas tree in the White House during any of Teddy Roosevelt's eight years in office, other than 1902 and 1904, when there was no tree.

The historical record does not prove that Christmas trees were banned for environmental reasons, or disfavored for other reasons. Christmas trees might actually have been present in the Roosevelt White House in subsequent years, after forest protection legislation had lessened the public concern over Christmas trees and deforestation.

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