Best Christmas History on the Web

If you were sent here by Card 148, then below you will find an abundance of Christmas Trivia challenges that may be adapted or incorporated into Learning or Challenge cards involving Christmas Trivia.

If you are a player or merely a visiting Christmas History buff, we hope that you have as much fun reading this as we did writing it -- and we're certain you'll learn something new!

The answers to the questions are included on separate pages, to avoid spoiling your research challenge.

1.  What is the Christmas meaning of Poinsettias?

2.  What is "Figgy Pudding" and what does it have to do with Christmas?

3.  Why is eggnog sold during the holidays, but not at other times of the year?

4.  What is the origin of the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe?

5.  Why are fruit cakes traditionally made and exchanged at Christmas time?

6.  What is a "Yule Log" and why are they burned or eaten at Christmas time?

7.  What is the origin of the tradition of having a Christmas Dinner, or a special feast at Christmas?

8.  What is the tradition of the Seven Fishes, and why is it celebrated at Christmas?

9.  Why do people display Christmas lights?

10.  Why do people decorate their houses at Christmas?

11.  What is the origin of the tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas?

12.  When were Christmas stamps first issued?

13.  Why are bells or bell-ringing associated with Christmas?

14.  Why are stockings hung on Christmas eve?

15.  Why is Santa Claus sometimes referred to as Kris Kringle or St. Nicholas?

16.  Why are the colors red and green associated with Christmas?

17.  Why was Christmas banned in 1640 (Scotland), 1647 (England), and 1659 (US Colonies)?

18.  Why are Holly and Ivy associated with Christmas?

19.  Why are Wreaths associated with Christmas?

20.  Why are nutcrackers associated with Christmas?

21.  Why is It's a Wonderful Life considered a Christmas movie?

22.  How did "Christmas Island" get its name?

23.  When was the first White House Christmas Tree decorated?

24. Why are Gingerbread Houses made at Christmas time?

25.  Who named Santa's eight reindeer?

26.  Who named the 9th reindeer, Rudolph?

27.  When did Christmas cards originate?

28.  Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25?

29.  What does the phrase, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" refer to?

30.  What is the origin of the Christmas tree?

31.  What is a sugar plum?

32.  What is the tallest living Christmas tree?

33.  What is the origin of Santa's Elves?

34.  What pagan festivals were precursors to today's Christmas celebration?

35.  Why, accordingly to legend, are animals able to talk on Christmas Eve?

36.  How many Christmas trees are growing in Christmas tree farms in the US?

37.  Which President banned Christmas trees from the White House?