Even More Reviews:

“Family was SKEPTICAL & did not want anything to interrupt our annual 15-minute mad dash to unwrap every present in the house. They reluctantly agreed to do it as 'Mom's Xmas present this year.' Game made Xmas morning last over 2 hours, and everyone loved it! Kids want to add even more cards next year! LOVE that the game is TOTALLY flexible to any family.” -- Sarah in Iowa
This game has transformed our Christmas. Christmas has been changed from being an exercise in selfishness to a wonderful family day that we all enjoyed, and are looking forward to for reasons other than what is under the tree! If you are tired of the 'me me me me me' attitude of your kids, with regard to Christmas, you really ought to give this game a try. Our family Christmas is about family now. There are still gifts, but that is not the primary focus any more.” -- Sharon in Alabama
“In my 53 years on this planet, this was by far the best Christmas EVER, because of this amazing game. Instead of eating and staring at each other, we started this game in the morning around 8am and it ended around 10:30pm. We searched old photos, we watched old videso, we laughed, we laughed, and we laughed some more.  I was skeptical at first, but now I could NOT imagine Christmas without this wonderful family game! Thank you so much! This game is brilliant!” -- David in California
“It definitely added warmth, purpose, and meaning. It made opening presents more meaningful and enjoyable as we played together and made memories with the cards...If you want to add more fun, depth, and meaning to your Christmas, this is one of the best ways to do so! I fully endorse this game. It could change your Christmases forever.” -- Kirsten in Utah
“It was a lot of fun for our family! Instead of opening gifts fast, and kids running to their rooms and hiding so they can play with all of the gifts, we actually spent the whole day and next day so far as a family! It was very fun! We took our time opening gifts. Usually it goes by so fast, and I get kind of depressed once it's all over with, because the joy of watching them open the gifts is my favorite! This game is going to be the Christmas Day tradition for now on! It's a lot of fun, and makes Christmas so much more meaningful!"-- Nicole in Michigan
“It changed Christmas in a great way.  It took family bonding to a whole new level. We made so many great memories that we will be able to remember for years.  My favorite cards were the group activity ones.  The tongue twister and charade cards made for great fun. There were a lot of laughs all around and it was great that everyone could participate.  I would tell friends that if they wanted a game that they could play for years to come that this would be a game for them.  It’s a way to get everyone involved to do great and things and the memory book to remember things for years to come.” -- Colleen in Ohio
“We talked more, laughed more, and spent more time enjoying just being together!” -- Monica in West Virginia
“The Christmas Game definitely extended our Christmas morning.  Playing the games and writing down the memories definitely extended the fun and excitement of Christmas morning and made for lots of laughs. We really liked the challenges....I thought it was a fun, well-thought-out game. Next year I really want to start playing the game all of December and draw cards every night to have the projects and games and activities going all month long...It's a great, fun family game and we are totally looking forward to keeping the memory book going for years to come...It made our Christmas morning more about the family instead of the presents. We had a lot of laughing and fun and made some amazing forever memories.”-- Pam in Idaho
“Instead of just sitting around and opening, it added thoughtful and meaningful discussion. I felt closer and more connected....What an awesome game! I loved talking with my family, sharing and laughing. We're making this a yearly tradition for sure!” -- Beth in Oregon
A wonderful tradition for years to come. It will be wonderful to look back at the pictures and notes and see that Christmas wasn’t just about ‘give me my gifts’.” -- Sara in Vermont
“Here are two things we did differently because of the Christmas Game. First, we created a surprise gift for someone who needed to work on Christmas Day and delivered it to a woman working at the gas station, late in the evening. My kids loved her reaction.  Second, we created a care package for a homeless person. We have it in the car, waiting for the next time we see someone standing at the intersection. There is even a card in it. My children are now interested in finding out how many homeless people there are in our area, as well as finding a shelter to serve at. We may also play throughout the year, like one round (1 card per person) per week/month. That was my kids' idea. They crave this type of time together as a family. They loved it.  The paper airplane activity was a hit, as was the phone a relative. That call ended up with an unexpected family gathering at our house the day after Christmas. Fun!  It's a great game for all ages. One of my children said that this was the best Christmas ever.” -- Shannon in Minnesota
“It was perfect!  We spent more time together as a family instead of everyone off doing their own thing. Try it one Christmas and see for yourself the closeness it brings into a family.”  -- Tina in South Carolina
“The focus was on each other instead of gifts or video games. We laughed, played games, told stories and relived memories together. And everyone is already looking forward to re-reading our memory book from this year, and opening the time capsule we put together!...The Christmas Game helped bring true holiday spirit back into our Christmas Celebration. The best gifts I received this year are the memories of laughter, silliness and shared moments we had while playing.”  -- Diana in New York
This is a godsend…I think The Christmas Game is a fantastic product…So many of us want off the materialistic merry-go-round that Christmas has become. I honestly believe this is a golden tool for those of us who take in foster children around the holidays.” – Lori in Illinois
The Christmas Game is awesome, we started on Solstice and have been playing until about noon today [Christmas Day], it was perfect. We loved it!…Best customer service, too! We actually gifted the game to a few familiies and they all seemed very happy and want to upgrade for next year.” — Joey in Utah
"We had so much fun. A blast. Everyone laughed and said it was great. We used a blank card that told everyone to create a blank card for next year, and we put them in an envelope, and it's still a secret until next year. All of the cards we used were wonderful; if it wasn't a good time to do a card we moved it to another pile to get to later. We found that having flexibility within the game made it so much more easy to accept. It filled the day with laughter, and family stayed longer to finish." -- Lisa in California
“We played the Christmas Game and gave several out as gifts last year. This year we're having a leisurely Christmas morning. Thanks to The Christmas Game, we still have several presents still to open. We've done a lot of sharing with the cards and filling in our family Christmas Game journal. We've even sent off donations to our favorite charities (card #150). The funniest card was the one where we had 60 seconds to make someone laugh. [My husband] was clearly the winner. He not only got [my daughter] and I to laugh with in the first 10 seconds each, but I was completely unable to even make him crack a smile even while I was laughing so hard myself by what I was doing to him, that tears were rolling down my cheeks! Such an awesome way to have a meaningful holiday." -- Jennifer in Utah
“Our family got one last year; it is an awesome game!”  — Tammy in Montana
"I thought it was great for connecting as a family. Everything we tried worked well. I need more cards for next year! It was a great way to minimize the materialism of the day." -- Tia in Arizona
“I thought you’d like to hear how much my 9 year old loves playing The Christmas Game…We took out the gift opening cards & just went through and answered [Memory Card] questions, and she was hooked.  Now every time we gather with people or open any gifts, she asks if we can play….A favorite was the paper airplane contest…Our other favorite was when the 6 year old was the only one who could make Grandma laugh…” – Pauline in California
“We received a Christmas Game last year, and i just wanted to say that this has completely changed the holidays for us.  My children usually rush to rip open all of their presents and then they are off to their respective corners to play wit whatever the favorite is that year. The whole process usually started by 7 a.m. and then, by 8:30, they are off doing their own thing again. Christmas had become about what was under the tree, nothing more.  This year, Christmas was more than an hour long gift opening frenzy. It was about family, about spending time together and the true meaning of the holiday. We talked about doing for others. We talked about what Christmas really means. We plan on playing every year now, because it totally changed everything about our christmas and saved Christmas for us.”     -- Lisa in Florida
“We played The Christmas Game again this year, and it was wonderful! The Christmas caroling worked especially well. I proposed to visit three houses and sing three songs, but the others were skeptical, so we settled on two songs and one house. When we got there and started singing, our friends absolutely loved it — they said it made their Christmas! We sang Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger. We also were glad to be saving money for a cause. We got a big jar, and we ended up voting to save for The Humane Society. We are already collecting loose change in the jar, and we are going to deliver what we saved the week before Christmas next  year. We also really liked the ‘million dollar’ question, which generated very funny answers!”  — Andrea in California
“It allowed us to talk and interact more, instead of doing our own thing.” -- Alisha in Georgia
“We had more quality interactions -- and A LOT of laughter...It helps focus your concept of having more quality time together.” -- Kim in Nebraska
“It made us slow down and appreciate being together...I have told several people how woderful it is to add to their family traditions” -- Susan in Georgia
“The Christmas Game was an awesome addition...The Christmas Game allowed us to learn a lot about each others past, present, and future. We are of different religions, race, age, and circumstance. ....This game was able to make us all come together and connect in one way or another, pointing out our similarities not our differences. ..I love that I can remove the cards that do not apply to my family...The memory book was an awesome much needed addition as it was a concrete validation of our time together to be remembered...I already have the perfect friend that I called on Christmas Eve to tell them her that this is the perfect game for her family too. It builds off of memories and traditions while building new ones.” -- Jeanette in Illinois
“Our kids loved drawing cards throughout the day. And hearing them share memories of what stood out to them over the past year was really thought-provoking... I would highly recommend it! I foresee it becoming a tradition in our house.” -- Kim in Kentucky
"It will most definitely bring your family closer together...It was really nice to have a designated time to sit and be together just to reflect on the spirit of Christmas..The format gave other people in the family a chance to tell MY stories, and me to show off THEIR mementos. We got to share the experiences a little more -- it was wonderful." -- Laura in Texas
"It made us all come together as a family, we had laughter, hugs and a few happy tears." -- Donna in Oregon
"It slowed our pace. Made the gifts less important because we valued the time we were spending together." -- Cathy in Florida
"Our Christmas was better.  It got us to talk with each other!" -- Bill in California
"I am telling my friends with younger children about it. It's a good product!" -- Peggy in Michigan
"It slowed things down and made things more meaningful." -- Beth in Florida
"It slowed down Christmas and stopped the 30-minute present frenzy. The kids liked the charades card and the Memory cards. Their favorite, however, was a custom card, where I created a treasure hunt for their last present...Our children were not totally sold on the game. So the night before Christmas, we went through the deck and they each got to pick some of the cards, so they helped to create our first game. Now they are hooked, and next year we will extend it out a few more days. ..Try the Christmas Game if you are looking to slow Christmas down and have it be more about the values you hold dearly." -- Noel in Arizona
"The cards all were really fun, and worked great for us. More cards would be better. Get it for sure -- lots of fun." -- Rosie in Michigan
"My kids and I really enjoyed playing the game.  I think we have started a tradition for Christmas from here on out. It was a great day spending time with each other, a day filled with fun times and memories. The game was perfect." -- -Katrina in Illinois
"It provided a great structure to organize the day's activities and create meaningful memories." -- Lucia in Michigan
"Playing The Christmas Game was perfect for our 'first year' family, which included three foster children.  It allows us to create memories and traditions in a manner that was inclusive..We loved it, and we will definitely play against next year. I would specifically suggest this game to my foster/adoptive friends to help build, create, and keep memories and traditions." -- Heidi in Arizona
"It really made 'present time' more of a family experience instead of a hurricane of paper. I really enjoyed tracking things in the memory book; the kids seemed to enjoy the organization of it all." -- Ilia in Oregon
"It gave our family an opportunity to talk, share, laugh, and listen to each other. The Christmas Game helped us to create family memories. I love the size and quality of the cards, and the variety of choices in the Deluxe game.  I would encourage others to purchase the game." -- Kathy in Ohio
"The Christmas Game slowed it down and added meaningful conversations. While we had been planning to do this soon, it prompted us to go ahead and sponsor a child through Compassion International. Some activities need to be done before, but we'll start earlier next year. It's a fun way to add significance to your Christmas celebrations!" -- Candace in North Carolina
"The Christmas Game gave us more quality time together...It's a good way to help bond your family." -- Diana in Indiana
"We loved the game. We only wish we had it when our children were younger. You have to get it, it's great. It creates more meaning and connectedness among generations." -- Lois in Illinois
"Once I figured out how to best incorporate it for our young kids, it was great! It helped keep fun togetherness going, and the kids loved having mom/dad attentive time rather than us rushing off to put stuff together or something." -- Melissa in Utah
"The Christmas Game made my teenage children talk a little more, and our blended family learned a little more about each other. It helps you stay more focused on family time." -- Janet in Missouri
"We all learned more intimate details of our lives and the issues in them, which we would not have otherwise known or found out. I wish we had had the whole set, and not just the starter kit, because we did not have the Memory Book. I would advise people to definitely purchase it." -- Jane in New Jersey
"The Christmas Game helped us break our family tradition of opening presents as quickly as possible and then spending the rest of the day watching TV or eating.  What a beautiful opportunity to enjoy being together during a special season instead of just eating and zoning the hours away.  There were some example cards on blog posts that I would have loved to get, but did not come in our kit." -- Elaine in California
"The Christmas Game encouraged all persons in the house to be equal participants no matter their age, and encouraged our activity together. We did a simplified version, in which I selected about a dozen cards, placed them face down, and players took turns choosing. The game includes a good assortment of ideas. You can make it as long-lasting and elaborate or as simple as you want to make it." -- Phyllis in Minnesota
"The Christmas Game inspired more conversation, and we learned a few things about each other. I liked using the memory book very much, and I think it will be fun to look back at answers and possibly see how they might change in the future. It was great for us, especially for recording-keeping our favorite things and goals." -- Julie in New York
"It's a way to personalize the Christmas experience and make it more meaningful than just 'things' wrapped up." -- Carin in Wisconsin
"We plan to choose memory cards in advance next year and have family members share their memories in the book when they visit, because our family is not all present at the same time." -- Tiffany in California
"The Christmas Game allowed us to spend more time with each other instead of focusing on presents. We liked the Kindness Journal because it encourages us to be kind all year, not just during the holidays...It's a good way to get closer to your family and make more memories than just opening presents. It is also a perfect time to get some good family pictures." -- Ayla in California
"It was a pleasant time with our daughter where the focus was not on the gifts, but rather on the time we were spending together. We also did something nice for someone working on Christmas, which was a first for us to include someone other than family. Get it. Play it. You won't regret it!" -- Carm in Delaware
"I opened [The Christmas Game] up expecting it to be some kind of board game, but it wasn't -- it wasn't a game at all. It was much better. It was wonderful!"  -- Jeremy in California
"I've played this game,  just this week at a christmas party: so much fun. I got to know more about my neighbors than you usually do in the fast movement that christmas parties usually give...Remarkable how many people say, 'I don't really remember much about christmas when I was a kid.' Use this game and your kids won't ever say that. They will remember it as the best time in their life if the whole family is willing to join in the experience." Judy in Washington  (The New Jersey Record) 
"I got my Memory Book! It's really great - with pages for the cards you draw each year and pages specifically for the memory cards drawn too. The book is a nice size, very classy looking...The Christmas Game was a great way to get to know my friends better and to have a fun time at our annual Holiday Party...I am happy to see The Christmas Game making a positive difference in the holiday experience for more and more people. Keep up the good work!" -- Rose in Washington
"My family has a tradition of giving small gifts to the children in the weeks leading up to Christmas...but it is often a frustrating tradition for people who like to minimize the importance of physical gifts at Christmas. The Christmas Game, helped us find a wonderful compromise... I made up a deck full of cards that focused on things we could do together as a family. Each day our children choose a card from the deck and that is our task for the day. So far it has caused us to carve time out in the very busy weeks before Christmas to read a book together, watch a Christmas movie, pick out and send an anonymous gift, start a coin jar to donate to a local charity, clean out or closets and donate coats we don't use anymore, and to complete random acts of kindness (those are my favorite as it challenges the kids to keep watch for opportunities to do a selfless good deed throughout their days). It has given them something to look forward to each morning, and has taken their focus off of wanting a gift. It has also given us a new favorite tradition!" -- Diana in NY
"Gave two of these out as gifts and they LOVED it!  Both families that I gave them to really enjoyed playing and said that it really added to the enjoyment of the day."
"Our first year playing the Christmas Game was a success. I felt a lot more satisfaction with the day, especially by incorporating Giving Cards into our deck. It helped us balance out the "getting" with the "giving" a little better."

"The Christmas Game gave us a new light on how important Christmas Morning should be about family and spending time together and not merely about presents."

"OMG, this is SO awesome!  I absolutely LOVE the concept of this game.. it's genius!  I have 4 kids and it's extremely difficult to come up with gifts when I have to worry about keeping us alive before spending money on anything else. They've never had a lot of gifts at Christmas, so this would give them something to look forward to and take some pressure off of Santa at Christmas time."-- Chloe

"It is so much fun! It is an amazing game that helps pull the family together!" -- Anne in Oregon

"For those who are planing to purchase this game, You WILL NOT be disappointed, it takes all day to play it, it brings family to the forefront of the day, the way it is designed, brilliant ...!!! After we played last year, my only regret was I would have to wait another 364 day to play again..." -- David in California

"The Christmas Game really brightened & changed our holiday for the better; we had a lot of fun writing in the Memory Book, playing games, and creating our little time capsule. This will definitely be a part of all our future Christmases and we're definitely recommending it to everyone :)" -- Sheena in Ohio

"The Christmas Game is a lot of fun and something we will look forward to playing every year from now on. Not only will we have something to look forward to but as the years go by we will have something to look back upon as well." -- Kerri in Indiana