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 Old timers may recall the popular show, Name That Tune from the  1950's (and then again in the 1970's and 1980's), in which competitors attempted to identify a melody based on a clue and just a few notes from the song.

MP3 players and playlists make it easy to play a simple, fun version of this game, which has been the highlight of many a Christmas Game.

First, decide what songs your family members all might be somewhat familiar with with, but won't necessarily be able to have right at the tip of their tongue.  There is a kind of delightful tension in KNOWING that you recognize a song but not quite being able to pull up the name.  For some families, songs from the 50's or '60s work well, especially if the song starts with a relatively long and familiar vamp (e.g., Sweet Home Alabama).

Brainy families may prefer classical tunes, others may want obscure (or not-so-obscure) Disney songs, or you can do a mix.

Have the playlist ready when the card is drawn, and then simply play the songs in order, advancing to the next song as soon as a player guesses correctly.  Keep track of correct guesses and declare a winner.  Perhaps the winner draws the next card.

There are so many potential fun variations on this game that you may wish to use the card more than once (slip it back into the deck when you're done!).  For example, consider these categories of songs, each of which may form its own challenging play list:

1. Obscure Beatles Songs

2. Songs You Wish You Did Not Recognize

3. Songs Titles Not in the Lyrics (e.g., Annie's Song, Danny's Song, 59th St. Bridge Song, Unchained Melody, etc.)

4. Folk Songs

5. One-hit Wonders

6. Jazz or Dixieland Classics



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