Fighting Commercialism

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Many skeptics suggest that you can't fight commercialism by buying something. We hear this all the time.

They say that if you want the benefits of playing The Christmas Game, you have to make your own set.

It's okay to make your own game set. That's how we started, and there are plenty of instructions on our website that will allow you to do so.

But regardless of whether you make or buy, you'll strike a blow against Christmas commercialism when you play the game, because gift-giving will no longer be the central point of your celebration.

Commercialism is a way of life, and an attitude toward material things, that finds meaning in buying.

Our goal is help families celebrate Christmas in such a way that shopping and gift-giving are not central. Those things are replaced by more meaningful activities involving Kindness, Togetherness, and other manifestations of Love.

We are not at all against buying things. We buy food to eat, and we pay for entertainment, and we certainly by the tools we need to maintain, build, or repair our daily lives.

The Christmas Game is a tool like that. It's a smart, easy, and beautiful way to do something important. And if you don't like this tool, you can find another, or do it with your bare hands.

However, buying something that helps bring your family closer together and makes your celebrations more meaningful is the exact opposite of commercialism.

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