Five Reasons to Seriously Drop Everything and Buy The Christmas Game Right Now

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If your family is going to escape the commercialism and make THIS YEAR's Christmas more meaningful, more memorable, longer lasting, and more fun -- or if you would like to help your friends and family upgrade their celebration -- drop everything and buy The Christmas Game right now.

Five Reasons:

1. The Christmas Game Works!  Buying and opening presents should not be the central focus of the holiday, but it's awfully hard to convince people that they want fewer presents. The Christmas Game gives your family an alternative approach that is so fun and meaningful that it is addictive, and they won't look back.

2. End the Cycle of Spending. Trying to top the prior year's gift with an even more impressive present is a losing game. Instead, to have your best Christmas ever, top last year's Christmas with activities that are fun and meaningful, such as Games, Togetherness, New Family Traditions, and Acts of Kindness.

3. You Have the Power to Stop Christmas Commercialism. People have been trying to evict Santa Claus for centuries, ever since Martin Luther decreed that references to St. Nicholas be replaced instead by the Kristkindl, or "christ child." But soon the "Kristkindl" turned into "Kris Kringle," and Santa Claus was back. The commercial interests will not stop erecting their Santa idols. But The Christmas Game tames the Santa culture by making it easy for families to re-focus the holiday on what matters most to them. You'll spend the Christmas season thinking about what to do, instead of what to buy.

4. Support Small Business!  The Christmas Game will never be brought to you by Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, or the other most trusted names in Christmas Commercialism. Instead, we are just a family that knows how to make incredibly good and high-quality games. We've spent a decade perfecting The Christmas Game, so we know that it works, and that's why we guarantee you will have your best Christmas ever.

5. It's Ridiculously Inexpensive.  For $15 -- which is less than most people spend on an average gift -- we'll send you a Starter Bundle, which includes a game book and 35 cards, AND the official Memory Book, PLUS free shipping, and if you want the Christian Edition (includes 25 additional bible-themed cards), we'll include that for no additional charge.

Go Right Now and Buy The Christmas Game!

Just kidding, there are MORE reasons:

6. You get a top-quality product. The cards are really big -- 250% larger than normal playing cards -- thick, laminated and colorful. The Official Memory Book is made of heirloom-quality thick, 200gsm, acid-free, wood-free paper, and spiral bound so it lies flat for writing.

7. You get top-quality service. Most orders ship the same day, and we love talking to our customers, so drop us a line at to ask a question  or just say Hi!  US shipping is free, and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Go Right Now and Buy The Christmas Game!

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