How To Use The Memory Book

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The Memory Book is one of the most important elements of The Christmas Game.

The Christmas Game cards are about reinventing the holiday in a more meaningful way by lightening the emphasis on presents and doing things that matter.

But the Memory Book is about connecting at an even deeper level.

A truly magical thing happens when you pause to consider questions involving the things you care about most, or your goals or interests, or the things that make you you.

And when that information is captured it creates an extraordinarily valuable heirloom.

We normally keep our family's Memory Book tucked away until Christmas. But last week's Thanksgiving guests were curious about The Christmas Game. Soon everyone was gathered around The Memory Book reviewing prior years' answers, and then talking about what had changed, and wondering what their own answers might be.

Most families seem to have at least one person inclined to record details, so The Memory Book also includes pages where you can note which cards were played each year, and the card's outcome (e.g., dad lost again at checkers, or we gave a surprise gift to a convenience store cashier).

So here is what you do:

1. Get a Memory Book -- Choose ours, or use your own blank book.  Prefer something sturdy that lies flat for writing and uses acid-free paper.

2. Select perhaps 10-15 Memory Cards to include in your deck, depending on the length of your game.  The Christmas Game decks include a variety of cards -- select cards that make sense for the ages and dispositions of your participants

3. Invent custom Memory Cards.  The blank cards included in Decks 1 & 2 can be used for additional Memory Cards that might be peculiar to your family -- e.g., What was your favorite part of a family vacation, The most mischievous pet behavior that year, Wishes for a family member who is embarking on a trip, etc.

4. Scatter the Cards in the Deck.  We like to have about every third or fourth card played be a Memory Card.

5. Assign someone with legible writing to record everyone's answers to the questions as the cards are drawn.

It's just a few simple steps, but you'll be glad you did it, forever.

And this week only, we are offering Memory Books for just $9.99 each, or purchase a Starter Bundle and a Memory Book together for just $15. At, get a free Memory Book with your Standard Bundle purchase -- just add both to the cart.

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