Changing Lives at Christmas

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The reason so many of us love It's a Wonderful Life is because it reminds us of something that is easy to forget: How we interact with others matters immensely.

Christmas is a great opportunity for meaningful interaction with others, because the people we care about are more likely to be physically present, and less likely to have other commitments.

The challenge is guiding people's attention into meaningful interactions together. And that's where The Christmas Game comes in.

It's easy for people to drift off into TV and video games, and soon the opportunity has slipped away. It's also easy to get over-involved with the presents, which don't serve us well as the holiday's centerpiece.

Instead, stack the deck in your favor by playing The Christmas Game. Your Christmas will be more meaningful, less commercial, longer lasting, and more fun -- we guarantee it.

When you focus your celebration on Togetherness, Kindness, new Family Traditions, Shared Memories, and Fun, you'll have the kind of Christmas that stores only pretend to sell.

We can't say any more than George Bailey could exactly what good things will result from bringing people together so they can get to know each other better, and actively reaffirm their commitment to caring.

But we know from our own experience as well as from others' that The Christmas Game can help make that wonderful life.

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