Taking Control of Christmas

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A lot of people play defense against Christmas -- they limit their gift-giving, and refuse to participate in rituals like black-friday shopping, or they try not to immerse themselves in Christmas carol Muzak.

But resisting our culture's worst offerings is not what The Christmas Game is about.  Our goal isn't to protect ourselves from Christmas, but to create a whole new Christmas tradition that is always joyful, and perfectly tailored to the needs of our families, whether just-beginning or many-generations.

We have always believed that our Christmas celebrations should be as magical as a Christmas print by Currier and Ives. But the shopping and entertainment culture that sells us these Currier and Ives images does not want to -- and is in fact unable to -- deliver on their promise.

Most people realize that over time. Some become cynical about the holiday, and some retreat into Christmas movies that allow us to feel the magic vicariously, for a while.

But at The Christmas Game, we advocate a much stronger and more satisfying approach: Build from scratch, for yourself, in your own family's image, the magical Christmas that you've always wanted that cannot be bought from any store.

That kind of Christmas doesn't come in a box, and we're not selling it, either. But we are selling the ideas, tools, and proven methods that you can use to make your Christmas everything that you ever imagined. And when you do, Christmas won't last just a day, and it can never come too early or stay too long.

The secret, of course, is that Christmas is about what you do, not about what you have, get, or buy.

The Christmas Game helps your whole family shift the focus of their Christmas celebration toward doing different things. Your family might prefer to play games together, or to do good deeds together, or something else. No matter your focus, you'll find great ideas in The Christmas Game cards and books, and you'll add your own ideas on the blank cards that are included in Decks 1 and 2.

It won't be long before preparing for The Christmas Game becomes a bigger part of your holiday tradition than shopping ever was. And soon after that you'll be playing The Christmas Game not only on Christmas morning, but on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and maybe throughout The Christmas season.

And then finally one day you'll look back at the old days when the primary focus of Christmas seemed to be children opening wrapped presents. It will seem strange. And that's when you'll know that you have really taken control of Christmas and made it into what you wanted most.


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