How to Play Fictionary

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Fictionary, sometimes known as "The Dictionary Game," is a fun word game in which players attempt to guess the definitions of obscure words.

Have your biggest dictionary on hand. One player leads by announcing a challenging word drawn from the dictionary and writing the definition on a slip of paper. All other players have one minute to fabricate and write down a false definition on their slips of paper. All definitions are handed to the leader.

The leader then reads aloud in random order each of the proposed definitions, including the actual definition. Once all the definitions are read, they are read a second time, and each player votes for the definition they think is the actual definition.

Any player who votes for the actual definition scores a point. Players also score a point for each person who votes for their false definition. The leader scores three points if no player votes for the actual definition.

If a player knows the true definition of a proposed word, she must nonetheless compose a false definition that may draw votes from the others. The correct definition will be included by the leader, and the wise player can score a point by voting correctly, while still attempting to score additional points by fooling other players.

A round is completed when every player has had a chance to select a word from the dictionary. The winner is whichever player has scored the most points after a pre-determined number of rounds.

Commercial versions of Fictionary include Balderdash, Dictionary Dabble, and Flummoxed. If a commercial version is available and the players would prefer to use it, then substitute the commercial version when you play this card.

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