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A Book of Super Cool Tongue Twisters, is a family self-publishing project that is the opposite of most tongue twister books. Instead of being a book written by adults for children, it seems more like a book written by children for adults.

There are no child-oriented illustrations that attempt to make sense of the strange constructions or to make interesting to young children a collection of words that lacks story or sense. Instead, the book gets right down to business, presenting sixty verses on sixty pages.

Such a thick collection might make this book among the higher rated tongue-twisters available. Unfortunately, most of what it presents are not tongue twisters at all, but drab or nonsensical alliterations and rhymes. Arguably the book contains no tongue twisters at all. The closest entry to a tongue twister would be the first in the book:

Plato's potatoes are like Seattle's tomatoes but Seattle's potatoes are unlike Plato's tomatoes. When Plato with some potatoes goes to Seattle for some tomatoes, Plato is surprised by Seattle's potato-like tomatoes.

Juxtaposing, Plato, Potato, Seattle, and Tomato is not particularly rich material for a tongue twister. But if you take the time to decipher the underlying meaning of the verse, a new layer of disappointment sets in: it's hard to believe that Seattle potatoes are surprisingly similar to Plato's tomatoes.  The words resist the meaning that the authors are trying to force upon them.  By contrast, with Dr. Suess, we completely understand why Luke Luck's duck would take licks from lakes Luke Luck likes.

From there things go downhill:

With sand in my hand, I stand on the sand land of the strand and look at the grand band

is not a tongue twister.  It's not really anything. Similarly incoherent is:

The pope mopes and hopes he can get a rope to cope with the soap that lopes on the dope.

Most of the book's entries are in this style of strained rhyme that does not twist tongues, and presents no alternate reasons for recitation.

We cheer the attempt to create original tongue twisters, but A Book of Super Cool Tongue Twisters does not contribute to the art.

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