How to Play the Tray Game

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The Tray Game is a particularly good card to play if there are younger players in your game, but it remains challenging even for adults.

The rules are very simple. The game leader places about 15-25 objects on a tray.  The objects should be small items found around the house, such as a paper clip, a salt shaker, a pen, a nickel, a piece of yarn, a small toy, sunglasses, a cracker, a marble, etc. The leader then covers the tray with a cloth to conceal the objects.

The players should be seated in a circle, each one with a paper and pen.

The leader sets the tray down in the middle of the circle, and all players have a limited amount of time -- typically 30-60 seconds -- to try to memorize the objects on the tray.

After the time is up, the tray is covered and removed from sight.  The players have one minute to write down as many objects as they can remember.

The player wins who correctly remembers the most objects. The tray is then returned and uncovered so that all players can see which items they forgot.

With older players, the tray should include more objects and the time to view should be less.

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