Tongue Twisters Review - Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes

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Brian Cleary's Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes is built more like a children's board book than a book of tongue twisters.

With one short rhyme per page, and each page covered with colorful whimsical drawings of animals, it's easy to imagine hoisting a pre-schooler onto your lap and reading this book.

But it's not clear how much fun the pre-schooler would have. The design of this book screams young children, but the text is often distinctly adult. It's hard to know what a very young child would make of, "She let the sheik sleep on the sleek sheet." For an early language learner, this kind of book might be confusing or off-putting.

But for an older crowd, the tongue twists are sometimes satisfying, such as, "Sasha shifted as she sifted through the thistle for her sister's whistle."

More often than not, however, the text attempts alliteration or rhyming, which are different enterprise entirely. For example, "The TV was fee-free for channel 3" rhymes a long "E" four times quickly, but is not very difficult to say.

If you enjoy good children's illustrations and you need a couple dozen tongue twisters that are one sentence in length, and mostly not very difficult, give this book a try.

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