Tongue Twisters Review - Oh Say Can You Say

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Fifteen years after penning the tongue twister masterpiece Fox in Socks, Dr. Seuss in 1979 tried his hand again at twisting tongues with Oh Say Can You Say.

Oh Say Can You Say trades the story format of Fox in Socks for a collection of 20+ tongue-twisting vignettes, introducing bizarre scenarios with whimsical illustrations that make you almost believe the scenarios.

Oh Say Can You Say is still our second-favorite tongue twister book, because its high-points are very good.

But more often than not the verbal structures strain to make the rhyme, and there are no characters as engaging as a Tweedle Beetle. For example, in Fox and Socks, Luke Luck could be a real person's name, and a duck might in fact lick a lake, but in Oh Say Can You Say, it's less likely that a dinosaur skeleton repair person might be called Pinner Blinn, or that the dinosaur would be named "Dinn." Similarly, how to tell a Klotz from a Glotz in Oh Say Can You Say is less artful than a quick trick brick stack in Fox in Socks.

But sometimes Oh Say Can You Say soars, as when we learn,

The storm starts

when the drops start dropping.

When the drops stop dropping

Then the storm starts stopping

Another advantage to Oh Say Can You Say is that it includes a relatively large number of rhymes, so if you wish to cast the challenge as choosing a favorite, there will be more fodder in Oh Say Can You Say than in Fox in Socks.

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