How to Play Carnelli

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Carnelli is a game about titles. It may be the title of a song, movie, book, play, or any other work of literary, artistic, or critical acclaim.

Players are seated in a circle, with one player designated as the Carnelli leader. The leader starts with a title, and directs the first person to name another title that is somehow connected to the first title -- the two titles might be works by the same author, same director, they might share a word in common, or there might be some other significant connection between them. The Carnelli leader judges whether the connection is close enough to count.

A sample Carnelli game might proceed thus:

Carnelli Leader: Othello

Player 1: A Midsummer Night's Dream (also by Shakespeare)

Player 2: A Night at the Opera (the Marx Brothers film also involving "Night")

Player 3: Phantom of the Opera (a theatrical work sharing the word "Opera")

Player 4: The Phantom Menace (a movie sharing the word "Phantom")

Player 1: Attack of the Clones (another film in the same series)

Player 2: Send in the "Clowns" (a song title pun connection that the Carnelli leader might or might not approve)

As the game proceeds, the Carnelli leader may allow less time for responses. Any player who cannot think of a connection, or whose connection is disallowed, is removed from the game, until only one player remains.

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