How to Play Analogies

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Analogies is a devilish parlor game offering timeless mirth well-suited to this most festive of seasons.

The game is easy to play, but works best in larger groups.

The leader starts by secretly selecting a person who is present in the room, including, potentially, themselves.

The other players take turns asking the leader to make an analogy of the selected person.  For example, if this person were a fruit, what fruit would they be?  Or if this person were a movie protagonist, who would they be.

Any player may guess at any time who is the secret person.  If the guess is correct, that player becomes the leader for the next round. If the guess is wrong, that player is out for the remainder of the round.

Careful how you answer the questions -- a fine line separates honesty and prudence. For example, if you say that the secret person as a fruit would be a lemon, and as a fictional character would be Count Dracula, they are likely to take it badly, and you could suffer consequences when you become the secret person!

Frequently used categories for Analogies include:

  • Cartoon characters

  • Brady Bunch characters

  • Disney characters

  • Birds

  • Flowers

  • Musicians

  • Farm animals

  • Famous paintings

  • Famous buildings

  • Foreign countries

  • Piece of clothing

But any category is possible -- the more creative, the better!

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