Christmas Commercialism Is In Full Swing

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Retailers have turned on their Christmas engines and are getting ready to usher in a big buying season. Costco's Christmas displays went up in mid-August, and on October 1st Walmart's Christmas display was bigger than its Halloween display.

While the big retailers are preparing their assault, we at The Christmas Game are preparing our counter-assault. Although it is too early to celebrate Christmas (we prefer the Advent Calendar), it is never too early to start preparing for a less-commercial Christmas. In fact, if you wait until Black Friday to think about it, you'll be immersed in commercialism before you know it.

There are lots of good ways to celebrate Christmas, but just one thing to avoid, and that is buying things we don't need with money we don't have.That means moving the focus away from materialism and toward the Christmas values we care about most.

When your family decides to play The Christmas Game, the temptation to shop-til-you-drop vanishes, because opening presents will be a relatively small part of your celebration. Instead, your preparations will focus on interesting ways to spend time together.

Will you invent new family traditions that may last a lifetime, or even span generations?  Will you discover new kinds of games that reclaim the kind of face-to-face interactions that the video game age has begun to limit? Will you begin a Memory Book that will become an almanac of your families hopes and realities? Will you find creative ways to be kind to friends and strangers, giving meaning to the Christmas promises of peace and good will?

It is impossible to open The Christmas Game and not ask these questions. And when you do, you are already well on the road to a Christmas that is less commercial and more meaningful.

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