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The first thing a lot of people think of when they imagine family and friends coming together is shared activities, like games. But it is shared memories that in fact bind us together.

That's why the Memory Book is such an important part of The Christmas Game.

In addition to keeping a record of those shared activities, the Memory Book helps everyone mark personal milestones and important events - and in the same format, so filling in the Memory Book is itself a shared project.

A photo album inevitably appears at family events, and those crowding around tend to look for themselves in the photos. The Memory Book is engaging in the same way, but instead of capturing our appearance or location, the Memory Book captures our likes, dislikes, hopes, and fears.

The Memory Book is edifying in the same way as a New Year's Resolution. Declaring your intention to do something increases the odds of your actually doing it.

Similarly for the Memory Book, a year-end reckoning of goals, achievements, preferences, and plans makes you more conscious of who you are, and why you do what you do. And when everyone does it together, we get a better shared sense of each other.

So don't forget a Memory Book when you play The Christmas Game, and make sure your deck has plenty of Memory Cards sprinkled throughout.  Buy your Memory Book here.

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