How to Play the Christmas Game

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One of the great challenges in creating The Christmas Game was making it work for all kinds of different families.

There is no one right way to celebrate Christmas, but there are a few common themes that most families experience: too much commercialism, the holiday goes by too fast, not enough "true Christmas spirit," etc.

So we built the game around these common themes.  The Christmas Game provides a framework that is flexible enough to make Christmas more fun, or more meaningful, or more satisfying, no matter what kind of celebration you are planning, and no matter the age of the participants.

If you want to celebrate Christmas the way we do at my house, then you can play my Christmas Game. But your game should be different, and you'll pour a little bit of yourself into it when you set up the deck.

That's part of the magic of The Christmas Game - you discover a little bit about yourself when you play it, and you act on that discovery.

The tradeoff for all that flexibility, of course, is that since there isn't just one way to play, it's not always quick to explain (hence the 80-page book).

But a quick explanation is exactly what people want.

I imagine them asking, "I'm interested in celebrating a slow Christmas -- can you tell me really quick how to do that?"

The correct answer is no, but the actual answer needs to be yes.

So we have created a one-page info-graphic entitled How To Play The Christmas Game, which is a pretty concise explanation.

You set your goals, you choose your cards, you set up the Memory Book, and then you actually play.  So easy to do, and so worth doing.

Check out the flyer, and tell us what you think!

How to Play The Christmas Game.

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