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The Memory Book may be the best reason to play The Christmas Game. In the Memory Book, you'll record for each player their likes, dislikes, opinions, and goals. Each year you play The Christmas Game, your Memory Book grows more interesting and more valuable. Eventually, looking back through the Memory Book can be surprising, fascinating, and entertaining, and guessing how players answered the same question in years past (especially when answered many years past) can become a game in itself.

This week's featured card, Recommended Books (Deck 1, Card 17), gives players a chance not only to record a favorite book, but also to recommend that book to another player.  Cards like this make the Memory Book not just about each player as an individual, but about all of the players together as a family.

Some families may decide to record whether the recommendation was favorably received, and then in the following year's game check to see whether the recommended books were actually read and if so what impression they might have made.

Once you begin to weave together interesting histories through Memory Cards, the Memory Book will become one of your more cherished heirlooms. It is easy to imagine future generations intrigued by candid glimpses into their family tree.

In fact, even if you did not care for the Christmas Game's other activities, , the Memory Cards and Memory Book alone could become an important family tradition warranting a moments each year to assemble and update. Most families, however, would not sacrifice the other fun and interesting Game Categories, and indeed the most magical Christmases include all of the above: Memories, Kindness, Togetherness, Traditions, Fun, and more.

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