Getting Started with The Christmas Game

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People sometimes tell us they very much like the idea of The Christmas Game, but they're not sure how to get started.

The Christmas Game is simple and easy. There is only one rule: turn over the next card, and do what it says.

So to begin with The Christmas Game, think of some things you would like to do on Christmas but don’t ever seem to do.

Consider what kind Christmas you and your family would treasure. Would you like to spend more time together, or have more fun, or fend off the television, or invent meaningful new family traditions, or devote more of the day to helping others?

Many families say, "All of the above!"

That's fine. Most families have a few treasured traditions that they want to continue. You can add to those by reviewing The Christmas Game book and cards, which offer a wealth of ideas. You can also just think up your own great ideas, or do some research on the Internet.

Once you've gathered up as many ideas for appropriate activities as you can, settle on a few that you'd like to try this year. If you'll be devoting an hour or two to The Christmas Game, you'll have to cull your list carefully. If you have most of the day available, then you can try more than a few.

You can make your own cards or purchase our Christmas Game decks. The same is true of the Memory Book, which can simply be a five-and-dime notebook (even if later you decide to transfer the Memory Book content to something that is heirloom-durable).

Every family is different (e.g., young kids, older kids, grown up kids, no kids, large family, small family, geographically dispersed, etc.), and different families will have different goals for the holiday.

But no matter your situation, some of the ideas you read about in The Christmas Game will resonate with your Christmas plan, and inspire you to try new things. Select those cards that excite you, or use blank cards to write down your favorite ideas, and you're ready to play The Christmas Game!

Getting started is as easy as that.  Try it this year, and have your best Christmas ever.

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