Do Not Open Until Christmas?

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Christmas Game purchasers often wonder whether they should open the box now, or wait until Christmas?  For most people, the best answer is open it now!

The Christmas Game is  not the kind of game that you easily take out of the box and just start playing, like Parcheesi or chess.  Instead, it requires a little bit of thought and preparation.

First, it would take too long to play every card included with The Christmas Game, so at the very least you will want to make some decisions about which activities to include.

Second, some of the cards also may require some basic preparation or gathering of materials. For example, if you are to have a tongue twister contest, you will need to find some tongue twisters. It's not hard to do -- it only takes a Google-moment to find Seventy seven benevolent elephants, and as many more tongue twisters as you want. But it's worth having them already at hand when you need them.

Third, if your family has its own traditions (for example, some families may read aloud a special story each year on Christmas Day), then you will want to use the included blank Game Cards to incorporate those into your Christmas Game.

It's possible to open the Game on Christmas morning and play with minimal preparation and the materials at hand (the cards in the Starter Deck were selected with that possibility in mind), but it is likely that  the Christmas Day at hand is already fully scheduled with events and expectations, so instead the recipients will begin their planning for the following year's celebration, and of course that's perfectly fine.

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