Magical Christmas

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Here at The Christmas Game we say, "The Best Present Is a Magical Christmas."

By this we mean to recall that the secret of Christmas is not the little gift you send, but the Christmas-things you do.

So if you are hoping to create a magical Christmas for your family, don't focus on a bigger tree, better lights, more presents, or finer food.  Instead, find a way to embrace the REAL meaning of Christmas, which includes:

* Families and friends coming together

* Celebrating old traditions and creating new ones

* Being kind to your family, your community, and the world

* Sharing memories

* Having fun

We have found that the best and easiest way to do this is to reserve a portion of Christmas Day, and keep it entirely free is of television and interruptions. Bring your entire family together to self-consciously do things that bring you closer together and create Christmas meaning.

You might plan to commit random acts of kindness, or to hold hands and make wishes for each other. Perhaps there is a favorite board game or parlor game that you decide to make time for at least once per year.  Some families might review photo albums, or plan an upcoming event together.

There are thousands of activities that might give meaning to your Christmas, and you will find many of them in The Christmas Game. Review the book and cards to find things that will be especially meaningful to your family and friends, and build a deck using only those cards. Then just add family, and watch your Christmas come alive.

The Christmas Game will introduce you to many new ideas, and you will also most likely already have your own established traditions that you will add to the game using the included blank cards. The magic will come from the feelings of togetherness and fun you have exploring the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating your family and helping the world.

And with The Christmas Game, you will say goodbye forever to the frantic storm of presents, followed by nothing but food, television, and dirty dishes. How magical would that be?

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