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The Christmas Game helps to de-emphasize the gift-giving aspect of Christmas in favor of quality time with loved ones and acts of kindness and generosity.

However, paradoxically, The Christmas Game may itself be an ideal or unique gift.  It isn't quite a gift-to-end-all-gifts, because we are not opposed to the gift-giving tradition -- indeed The Christmas Game makes a special place for gift-giving.

However, the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts is completely out of control in the United States, and needs to be tamed so that it stops displacing other important Christmas values and traditions.  In addition, to the extent that the gift-giving tradition causes people to spend money they don't have on gifts that the recipients don't need, the gift-giving tradition does more harm than good to the people involved.  And to the extent that we begin to equate the Christmas celebration with materialistic values instead of the spiritual or religious values that inspired the holiday, the gift-giving tradition harms Christmas.

Anyone looking for a unique or special gift for "the person who has everything" is by definition fighting against gift-overload.

We would suggest that the person who has everything is most likely to need the things that materialism can never supply, which is love, affection, friendship, shared endeavor, and time spent meaningfully.

The best gift is one of these non-material values, or a way of focusing our attention on these values.

So The Christmas Game is certainly a unique gift in the sense that it is a new invention not being marketed by any large company or distributor, so the chances that your friend or loved one already has it, or has something like it, or even has heard of it, are very, very slim.

But more importantly, it is a unique gift in the sense that instead of being added to the pile of "things" that decorate our world, The Christmas Game can actually slow the flow of things and help the recipient experience what she or he needs most, like togetherness, family traditions, shared memories, and quality time spent with loved ones -- which truly is a unique gift.

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